We are All Equal Under the Sun

OŠ "Zdravko Gložanski" Bečej



Margarita Berček

Step 1 FEEL

The children were focused to the different types of violence that bothers them, then gender inequality, teachers that makes difference among children, conflicts in school because of different look, social background, nationality etc.

Prevention of discrimination in school and beyond, because all other listed problems are associated with discrimination in some way, so if this problem gets smaller it’s for sure going help many people.

The problem is present everywhere, at every level, and especially in school and that’s something we need to continuously work on.


We listed many solutions and we wrote down all of them and we made most of them come true.

We tried to make most things we wrote down come true and you will see it in the DO phase.

Step 3DO

We started the planning and realization of activities one by one in phase DO and we found out that we can significantly change the world around us – we did everything like a team. 1. we formed TIPIDI (team for the prevention of discrimination)- we got through a lot of workshops, and we set up a box of trust 2. We suggested the „discrimination“ as an inter-subject theme in the 8th grade (9 subjects in all 5 classes with a lot of teachers) 3. An online meeting with Žitkovac to discuss a project to help students from sensitive groups that are often exposed to discrimination 4. Peer support in learning every two weeks 5. Joint workshops on the prevention of discrimination and development of teamwork with students from separate departments from Radičević 6. Marking the international day of people with disability –3. December with the hospitality from a Paralympian Borislava Perić-Ranković and the Association of deaf and half-deaf 7. Marking the world day of happiness – March 20th (music, photos, messages and tasks, and receipts of happiness from all grades) 8. International day against Racial Discrimination – presentations by students in all departments of 4th through 8th grade 9. Mediation training online – the plan is to form a mediation team 10. Workshops on gender equality, participation in the Teachers' Council 11. TEDx, debates 12. Participation in state television as an example of good practice within inclusive education 13. Rap section – a song on the prevention of discrimination has been created 14. Volunteers at a Living Library on the Day of Democratic Culture EU/CoE and Ministry of Education Serbia, supported by the Office of the Commissioner for Protection of Equality!

The result of all our activities is certainly a reduction in the level of discrimination in school, in school there is less violence, and tolerance of interculturality, acceptance of diversity and inclusion principles are certainly bigger.


Wonderful impressions. Although that word is too small for anything. There was so much positive energy in these people, so much kindness, and some trust that they gave me during that half hour. I felt wonderful helping and listening, meeting someone different and someone who has another side of the story. I have so much respect for every „book“, and I'm so sorry I couldn’t read them all, but I'm still delighted with the ones I've read. Everyone had a way to share and explain their story, so we can see that they're honest and pure. So many emotions and scenes that at some point struck me that I had an outpouring of emotion that I'm not ashamed of. It's just a wonderful action and I'd like to be part of it again with you in the new one! - Volunteer student: I can't wait for the next action, make sure you sign me up! Nothing is impossible even though they have a deficiency they're still smiling even though they've been through very difficult things. Let's move on no matter what happens.

We didn't have any challenges. Somehow working together worked great and everything that started and ended with the kids worked out great. My motto remains: we work because of children, for the children, WITH the children!


Reduced inequalities

Every activity that we did was aimed to develop inclusive practice, culture and policy. Evaluation shows that we managed to decrease the level od deiscrimination amongst adolescents and develop tolerance, interculturality and competencies of democratic culture in general.

Step 4 SHARE

The project was divided among the student teams first, then posted to the Google teacher platform, in Google Classrooms for students, and also shared on the social network Facebook and Instagram. Everyone was thrilled with the appearance and the content of the film - it's just amazing how much we’ve done in the past period, and indeed the main carriers were children! Well done to them!

More than 100

In the next school year we will continue with all these activities - we will organize a celebration of significant dates, and workshops on the topic of the prevention of discrimination, in the autumn we will have again the Living Library with new books and what is added is that we continue with the forum theatre by setting family stories on scene and forum for parents!